With global warming becoming a pressing issue and the need for cooling systems like refrigerators and Air conditioners becoming more than just a luxury, buying the best AC in India can be quite confusing.

Track the best air conditioners in India to know about offers and deals and also if the model is current or outdated. Do not base your decision on the season.

ac buying guide

Here is a guide that will help you get the best one in your budget.


The first mantra to buying anything is to decide on a budget. While buying the Air Coolers or an Air Conditioner or AC as we popularly call it, initially spending a higher amount will ensure that the running cost is comparatively less. The Government guidelines state that it is mandatory for certain appliances in India to be graded by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It is called the BEE rating. If you notice, the best refrigerators in India also come with ratings, i.e., 5-star, 4-star, etc. The best air conditioners in India have a star sticker placed on the left side top corner of the model that shows the rating and other details about the model. A 5-star rating means the AC model is highly energy efficient. Therefore, reducing power consumption too.

Selecting the right Air Conditioner

There are a varieties of them available for you to choose from.

a. Window AC
This AC is mounted in a window. Its exhaust system pushes hot air out the back and sides. These are inexpensive and are a good option for small homes and apartments. They can be easily installed and uninstalled. Disadvantage being, the compressor makes a lot of noise.

b. Central AC
If you have a large house and want to cool all rooms at once, then this is the type that you can opt for.

c. Portable AC
Like window ACs, the portable ACs too have all their important components contained within one appliance. These models are used in places where the building rules or the room type prevents one from using any other type of AC.

d. Through-the-wall AC
If you don’t have an open window, then these are the best air coolers that you can opt for. Point to ponder here is that they will be mounted permanently and cannot be dismantled easily. The advantages that it has over a window unit is that you don’t lose window access, and an airtight seal is created, making the unit more energy efficient.

e. Ductless Split System AC
This AC comprises of a two-part system, commonly used in buildings without a widespread duct system. The term ‘split-system’ comes from the fact that they consist of two or more parts, the condenser unit, which is installed outdoors, and then compact blower units or evaporative units, which are usually attached to walls near areas which you want to be cool. The two units are connected via conduits, which transmit both the power and refrigerant lines.

f. Package Terminal AC
These also double as heating units. Although these ACs are used mostly in commercial spaces, there are advantages of installing it in your home too. One of them being: If you have added an extra room in your house that isn’t connected to the central ductwork, then you can install the package terminal AC.

g. Evaporative or Swamp Coolers
One of the benefits of a swamp cooler is that it uses significantly less energy than the traditional air conditioners. These coolers can only be used in hot, dry climates.


Room Size Vs. AC Tonnage

Room size helps decide on the correct ton limit. If the room is small and you pick higher AC tonnage, then you end up shelling out more on those electricity bills. On the flip side, if you select lower AC tonnage, then you won’t get sufficient cooling.

Below is a quick guide on how to decide AC tonnage according to the room size:

Room Size (in feet)AC Tonnage
8 x 100.8
10 x 101
12 x 151.2
14 x 151.5
20 x 202

Condenser Coil

The refrigerant flows inside the condenser coil. In order for the AC to perform fast and even cooling, the refrigerant requires better conductivity within the coil. The copper coil is more heat transferable, efficient, and has a better lifespan. It is also corrosion resistance and repairable.

Aftersales Service

A gadget or an appliance does need servicing from time to time. Choose an AC which has a proven record of aftersales service. Enquire with the salesman or people in your neighbourhood about the track record of customer service before you decide on what to buy.

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Inverter AC

An inverter AC gives you consistent cooling even under extreme weather conditions. The speed of the compressor varies with the temperature of your room. The inverter AC can cool the room within 5-6 minutes. It is less noisy and uses minimum energy and gives effective cooling. The compressor lifespan increases due to less load on the compressor. The inverter compressor changes the motor speed per the outdoor temperature. This is one of the main reasons that you end up saving more money.

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Do check the cost of spare parts and maintenance costs. You can decide on where to purchase the product from by comparing the cost of best AC in India on various platforms like – the showroom or from a reliable e-commerce website.

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