Do you want to beat the heat this scorching summer? Then, you have to get the air conditioning fixed in your home. There are many air conditioning models available in the market. Each AC Company comes with unique features. You need to pick the right one that best fits in your home or commercial needs and budget. Today, with the availability of energy efficient air conditioners, people are able to fix and mount the air conditioners during the summer season and enjoy cool summers right at home. Prior to buying an air conditioning, one has to check two to three best models in the market and buy the best one after checking ac price in India.

Types of air Conditioning

There are two types of Best Ac for India. There include:

Window AC: This is perfect to be installed in the smaller rooms to spread cool air in every corner of the room. This allows you to enjoy the cool breeze in the sultry summer. This is very easy to install and cost-effective compared to the Split air conditioning. The best part is that you do not need to ruin the walls by drilling it to hide the air tubes. This can also be used to keep your home temperature warm during biting winters. The built-in heaters allow you to use this appliance even during winters.

Spilt AC: This cools faster compared to the window AC and spreads cool air for a bigger room. The blowers will push out higher volumes of cool air. The best part of this air conditioning is that you do not need to have a window in the room to fit this appliance. You can mount this on the wall. This works without making any noise since both the condenser and compressor are equipped inside the appliance.

Points to consider while buying an air conditioning

With the overwhelming number of air conditioning brands and models, it is always challenging for a person to choose the Best Ac in India. However, to get high value for the money you are spending, you need to consider these points while buying this appliance for your home or commercial space.

  • Which are the best air conditioners? Every appliance comes with different specifications and features. Choosing the one right depends on the size of the room and the temperature of the place where you are residing. You should not eventually end up buying an air conditioning that is suitable for a small room and takes a lot of time to cool your bigger room and remove the humidity from the room.
  • Tons: This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind while going to shop for the best company ac for your home or office. For a small room that is about 140 square feet, you can go for a 1-ton air conditioning. For the rooms that range from 140 to 180 square feet, you need to buy 1.5 tons. The bigger rooms would require 2 ton AC.
  • Energy efficient: With the increase in the mercury levels outside and rise in the electricity bill, it is daunting for the person to afford an AC. Even though they buy an AC, but they end up paying high power bills every month, which actually burns holes in the pockets of a common man. You need to buy the AC that provides good cooling and consumes less power. The higher the BEE rating of the AC, the lesser the power it would consume. You need to prefer buying the AC that has a five-star rating.
  • Spilt or Window AC: The Window AC is cheaper, but is not aesthetically appealing to the room compared to the spilt AC best ac brands. The spilt AC spread air across the room, but the window AC is easy to install. You have to choose the right appliance as per your requirements. The ACs is equipped with many features such as auto-start, auto power safe and auto fan speed options.
  • Air quality: The dehumidification unit equipped in the Best Ac In India will reduce the humidity in the room. You do not feel sticky on the body when you are in the AC room and come out of it. This gives ample cooling and increased comfort. The ACs that is equipped with a humidifier is best to use in monsoon season. You also need to look for the Best Ac In India that is equipped with a filter to improve air quality and give better cooling. In addition, it boosts the efficiency of the appliance.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: The performance of the best ac brand totally depends on how well it is installed. You need to get the AC installed by a professional. The spilt AC will have a compression unit that has to be fixed outside, whereas, in the window ACs, the compressor unit is attached to the window. There are a few AC models that need less or no maintenance. You need to check the frequency at which you have to get the AC serviced to retain its performance.
  • Cooling speed: The air conditioning equipped with a thermostat, two fans and variable speed will let you to adjust the temperature as per the temperature outside. This helps you to save a lot of money on the electricity bill. There are a few latest model air conditionings that are having pre-defined settings and various cooling options.

Features to look in an air conditioning

Few of the features that your air conditioning must-possess include:

  1. Anti-bacterial filter: This filters out the microorganisms and minuscule dust parties from the air. You can inhale fresh air that will promote sound health of your family.
  2. Cooling and heating: The Best Ac In India you buy should let you to use during summer and winter seasons by letting you to keep the inside temperature warm during biting winter and cool during summers.
  3. Dehumidifier: This removes excess moisture that is present in the air. You experience excess moisture during monsoons.
  4. Auto-clean functionality: This prevents that growth of harmful microorganisms. When the air conditioning is clean, you can enjoy better cooling besides improving the longevity of the best Ac for India.
  5. Sleep mode: This saves your electricity bill by reducing the cooling after every hour. This moderates the temperature inside the room, according to the outside temperature.

Best air conditioning in India

Below is the list of the best and excellent quality air conditioning models available in the Indian market. You can compare air conditioner features of these models and buy the best one that serves your purpose.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Which ac is best? Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC tops the list. This is best suited to install in the large to medium size rooms with the square feet ranging from 120 to 180. This can also be installed in the living rooms and bedrooms. This window AC can be fitted anywhere. This is equipped with a rotary compressor. The anti-dust filter equipped inside the AC will clear the dust and keep the air inside the room clean. You can set the modes of the AC based on your comfort level. The modes that you find on this Ac Company include sleep mode, turbo mode, auto-start, and timer. This is a five-star rating product that helps you save big on the electricity bill during summers. This produces very less noise, thus allowing you to have a sound and peaceful sleep. This shows its competence during the peak summer months. The best part of this brand is that they offer top-notch customer service and provides free installation.

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

This is the best air conditioner in India. This cools the room evenly during the months of May, June, and July. This is a power saving tool that will not put much stress on your electricity bill. This has the ability to cool even the hot enclosures in a short time span. The pre-coating aluminum fins will safeguard the device from getting corrosive. The Kaimin feature present in this appliance will increase the temperature of the AC automatically and sets the temperature after every hour to retain the comfort level in the room. The Koukin filter will keep the air circulating all the time. This will not let the bacteria to form inside the AC and help you and your family to inhale quality air. This maintains the temperature throughout the day without dropping or using an excess amount of energy in the process of cooling. The best part of this window AC is that this detects the humidity and temperature outside and regulate the inside temperature accordingly. The auto-fan speed will reduce the speed once the temperature in the room is attained. This AC will let you enjoy super cool temperature all the time. If the temperature in the room is less than 18, it turns on the heating mode, and if it is more than 18, it turns on the cooling mode.

Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

If you are planning to buy a window AC for your bedroom or living room, then this best air conditioner is the best option. This will perfect fit in your medium to large size room. This comes with excellent features such as cooling efficiency, best price and quality material. In addition to this, it offers 5 star energy ratings. This window AC comes with unique features such as Wi-Fi control, 4d air suction, clean air filter and dehumidifier. This is cost-effective and is quite easy to install. The best part of this air conditioner is that, it will not release harmful gases into the air and cause harm to the environment. This is eco-friendly over inverter window ac. You can happily use at your home besides keeping the environment safe.

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

This is the best company for ac that offers excellent energy efficient rating and cools the room evenly during scorching summers. This is suitable to install in the medium to large size rooms. The special features that would catch the eye of the users are dehumidifier, turbo cool and spreading the air evenly on all sides in the room. This will adjust the temperature inside the room based on the outside temperature. This is a power saving tool that saves big on the electricity bill. The latest MPFI technology equipped with smart circuit design and capillary design will assure quick cooling and ample comfort. This makes use of 4*4 evaporator circuit design that will cool the room briskly and saves energy. The 6th sense sleep function will maintain the right temperature even you are in a deep sleep. This AC makes your summer nights, chilled and comfortable.

Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

This Ac Company offers various specifications, cost-effective pricing, and functional capacity. This fits in the small to medium size room. The improved performance of this air conditioning will make the annoying summer days pleasurable. This AC can be operated in different modes such as Turbo mode and sleep mode. This filters the pollutants and bad odor from the air with the help of Anti-Dust filter and promotes clean air. The self-diagnosing feature will detect the malfunctioning parts in the appliance and make it easy for the technicians to fix the issues. Though it is given a 3-star rating, but it consumes very less power. This air conditioning can be installed at home and offices. This allows you to have steady saving on electricity and cooling.

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

This is a high-quality Ac Company offers high value for the money you invested. The higher volume of air flow in the room, keep the room temperature cool all the time, even the mercury levels outside are plummeting. This comes with a 5- star rating, thus saving you big on the power bill at the end of the month despite using air conditioning throughout the day and month. When it comes to the features, it is 100% copper condenser and is easy to maintain. The Blue Fin coating will boost the longevity of the appliance to make sure that it is protected in all weather conditions. This is perfect for installing in the medium-sized bedrooms. The four-stage filtration system and anti-fungal function will promote sound health of the users. The intelligent features of this product include auto-start, sleep mode, auto-defrost, and emergency function.

Godrej 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

This is one of the best air conditioners India that is designed with technology to cool the room. This is best suited to install in small rooms to keep it cool during summer months. The refrigerant equipped inside the AC will promote powerful cooling and consumes less power compared to the other refrigerants even at higher temperatures. The ability of the appliance to save energy and synergize cooling makes it the first choice of many homeowners. When it comes to the features of this product, it is anti-bacterial and possesses a dust filter to keep the air inside the room clean and pure. This is economical compared to the inverter Spilt ACs. Consequently, this is noise free and is durable. This is perfect for the people who want to use this AC 8 hours a day.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

This is the best ac company that uniquely designed Inverter spilt AC that is equipped with latest AC technology. Every model of equipped with full inverter technology to facilitate perfect cooling during scorching summer seasons and give a respite to the people who are totally exhausted after a long day. Though, this is made with the latest technology, but helps you to save a lot of money on the electricity bills. The exceptional technology will allow you to enjoy hot summers in the cool rooms that are equipped with this best Ac for India. The dust filters will maintain the room clean and neat. This product will meet the cooling needs of every individual. The compressor adjusts the power based on the load. This is energy efficient and is noise-free.  

Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

This is the best air conditioner in India that offers excellent performance, high energy saving technology, and cooling efficiency. This is perfect to install in the medium to large size rooms and is recommended for master bedrooms and living rooms. The compressor equipped in the AC will adjust the temperature based on the load. The copper condenser coil will promote better cooling and requires less maintenance. This is energy efficient and is free from noise. The Econo mode will limit power consumption. The power chill operation will allow you to cool the room in no time when the temperature outside is too high. This offers immediate comfort. The airflow will be regulated to offer you with no interruption in your comfort. You can prevent the room from getting cooled during night times. The neo-swing technology will not let the refrigerant gas get leaked during the compression.

LG 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

This latest model of LG Ac Company allows you to adjust the speed of the compressor according to the room temperature. When you run the AC at a fixed speed, it allows you to save a lot of money on the electricity bill. This is noise free and is highly durable. This inverter is perfectly suited to install in small size rooms. The auto clean feature will allow you to filter the bacteria and bad odor from the air conditioning and keep the room clean. The key features offered by this product include micro dust protection filter, gold fin condenser, dehumidifier, ocean black protection, and dual inverter compressor.

Conclusion: When you are buying an air conditioning for your home or office, you need to choose best Ac for India carefully, since this is not an appliance that you can afford to buy or change every year. You need to compare the features of the product, warranty; price and customer support side by side and pick the product that allows you to have comfortable summers.