Our lives are greatly facilitated by the world of appliances that save our time and efforts to perform various household tasks. Let’s talk about kitchen appliances that we need the most. Most kitchen appliances save the kitchen’s environment and cooking time. One of these appliances is a microwave oven, usually called microwave in short. There are plenty of best microwave ovens in the Indian market these days that can help you in low-effort cooking. What is a microwave oven? It is an electric appliance that does cooking by exposing the food ingredients to electromagnetic radiation. The food to be cooked or heated is thus not exposed to the flame of heat. The use of a microwave oven is prevalent in western countries for quite a long time, but it has also become an essential appliance in the modern Indian kitchens.

Microwave ovens are a perfect fit for Indian kitchens

Microwave ovens are actually a perfect fit for Indian kitchens, and they don’t require too much space in the kitchen. This appliance is available in various capacities to suit every kitchen. The best thing about this appliance is that it can be placed on the mount instead of the kitchen countertop or shelf. It is a simple rectangular box-like appliance that looks quite similar to a convection oven. Still, the main component in the microwave is magnetron, unlike the convection oven, which has the heating coils. The convection microwave is, however, also available in the market, which a combination of a standard microwave oven and a convection oven. The magnetron is sourced by the high-frequency power supply to generate microwave energy. Every microwave is provided with a control panel to operate this appliance for various modes of cooking at different temperatures and time settings. Best microwave ovens in India, however, have the best features for more functions.

Microwave ovens are best for Indian cooking

Microwave ovens are better than conventional ovens because microwaves heat the food from inside by penetrating into it and thus cook faster. The microwaves are absorbed by the food and excite water molecules in the food, and the transferred heat cooks the food. The misconception of some people that fast cooking is not possible without heating the food is cleared when the concept of microwave cooking is understood, but only the best microwave ovens can give the best performance. It is, therefore, always recommended to get knowledge about the microwave prior to purchase. The concept of microwave ovens is relatively new in India compared to the western part of the globe, but the leading appliance brands that manufacture this product use advanced technology in the production. You can, therefore, buy the Best Microwave ovens in India of the leading brands to make the optimal use of this appliance.

How to Buy the Best Microwave Oven in India

Which is the best microwave oven? It may not be easy for a prospective microwave buyer to search and select the best product in the market from among the best microwave ovens available from various leading manufacturers. The best advice is to refer to an online Kitchen Appliance Guide. Look for the best Buyer’s Guide and Reviews! Look for the Best Microwave ovens in India – 2019 reviews. Your selection is made easy when you proceed in this manner. By visiting on the review sit and reading the reviews of the best products, your comparison between the brands and models, based on the features, price, and pros and cons, becomes easy. You can, therefore, make a selection of the model that best suits your needs and budget.

Best Microwave Models You can Buy

India is an emerging market for microwave ovens, and almost all leading appliance brands have launched various models of this product, new models with extra and advance features are launched every year to attract the consumers. Let’s discuss the 2020 reviews of the best microwave ovens in India you can buy.

LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven (MJ2886BFUM, Black)

This black chassis model in 28-litre capacity from leading global appliance brand LG is exceptionally good for large families. This model offers multiple great features that make this appliance good stuff to use with various conveniences.

The special features in this model are

  • Convection mode makes it appropriate for baking, grilling, cooking, reheating and defrosting.
  • 271 Auto Cook menu feature makes easy for many tasks to perform more conveniently and efficiently.
  • This model is available with features such as 360-degree motorized rotisserie, pasteurizing milk, extracting ghee, and Indian roti basket.
  • Best for Indian kitchen, the model offers an additional 4-years warranty on magnetron, apart from a regular 1-year warranty.

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

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IFB is one of the top global appliance brands that has launched this small 20-litre capacity model in the shiny metallic silver look for singles and small families. This model is a perfect fit for compact and small Indian kitchens.

  • The convection mode is also available in this model that makes it good for baking, grilling, cooking, and defrosting.
  • This model has 24 Auto Cook Menu options.
  • Touchpad functions provided in the model make it easy to use.
  • The availability of Child Lock offers absolute safety for the families having small kitchen and kids in their homes.
  • The model has a 3-years warranty on magnetron, apart from 1-year a regular warranty.

Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS23K3513AK/T, Black)

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Samsung is also a leading name in the global markets of appliances. This model from this leading brand is an optimal size budgeted microwave in non-staining black color, which is good for a nucleus family.

  • The model is good enough for quick preparation of Indian recipes and is also good for reheating and defrosting.
  • This model proves Child Lock as the safety feature.
  • Its interior has a Ceramic Enamel cavity that makes its cleaning very easy. The cavity carries a warranty of 10 years.

Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (Magicook 20SW, White)

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Whirlpool, a global appliance brand, also earned a name in the kitchen appliances. This budgeted, white color metal-body microwave model from Whirlpool is good for bachelors and small Indian families.

  • This model has special features such as 10 Power levels, Defrost Function, Pre-heat Mode, and Magicook.
  • Magnetron carries a 2-years warranty.

Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (GME 725 CF2 PZ, Purple Petals)

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Godrej is an old leading appliance brand. This model from Godrej has an optimal size for a normal Indian family and is good for healthy Indian cooking. The model offers a 3-years warranty on magnetron.


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