The entire mankind has seen multiple inventions in the science and technology field for thousands of years by now. One of such inventions, of course, includes the types of refrigerators that are used by any of us nowadays.

Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator

Majorly, we have two big categories that are Direct Cool, and then, it is Frost Free refrigerator, which we will be discussing in this blog today.

Through this blog, you can always make a decision about the best refrigerators in India, whenever you are in need of buying one for meeting either personal or professional purposes.

A Brief on Direct Cool Refrigerators

The direct cool refrigerators are best for cooling the air that is in circulation through the medium of its existing compartments and using the convection process simultaneously. These refrigerators often need professional help to get the defrosting done. 

That happens because of the water vapor that freezes to ice on its surface. Moreover, it is often that these refrigerators create fluctuation in the circulation of the temperature inside the compartments.

And for manually defrosting the water, so that it can or might be used in the water purifier next, there is already a knob or a modulator available somewhere inside the fridge.

Another point that is relatable towards the Direct Cool refrigerator is that it follows a single door model. That is because the temperature is quite unstable and cannot be distributed evenly.

A Brief on Frost Free Refrigerators

If we talk about frost free refrigerators, then the same cooling happens inside, and the major difference would be related to the temperature distribution. It is done properly or evenly with the help of the electric fans installed inside the refrigerators that are frost free.

Thus, there is no increasing scope for the ice to settle and the water to get condensed unnecessarily inside. In fact, these are one of the best refrigerators in India that have the timer set.

With this timer, the cooling shuts down whenever the frosting starts, or the excess has been reached. And by shutting down, we mean that the refrigerator itself shuts down the power supply so that the cooling can immediately stop too.

Apart from that, there are some heating systems inside these fridges which are manufactured and installed to work constantly. Their work is mainly to melt the ice, whenever the frosting starts or gets too much to bear for the water and other products stored inside.

Salient Differences Between Frost Free and The Direct Cool Refrigerator

The number of doors that are available

Most of the time, because of the uneven distribution of the temperature condition inside the fridge, the direct cool has only single door refrigerator, while the frost free has double door refrigerator.

Suitability for the individuals or families

The direct cool refrigerators are mostly best for small families, which consists of not more than 3 family members. That is because of the small capacity that ranges from 50 to 250 litres.

In the case of the frost-free refrigerators, the capacity extends up to like 50 to 600 litres. Thus, the entire family will be able to get enough supply of water to store for different purposes like any inverter, air cooler, water purifier, or simply for direct drinking and cooking purposes.

The cost of the refrigerators

If the overall price is compared, usually, the direct cool fridges are most affordable. These fridges also come with less power than the frost-free ones. But we can say that these direct cool fridges are now not sold much because of the betterment of the technology that is promoted through the frost-free fridges.

Heating issue

Users will hardly see any heating issue when they are using direct cool refrigerators because the convection process that is forming inside the fridge is extremely natural.

However, this can be slightly an issue when you are using frost free fridges. But it is not on a very large scale. This is just because the frost-free fridges use the heating system to melt the ice or prevent the condensation of the water on the surface of the refrigerator.

But this swiftness of the heating system also depends upon the annual services and the maintenance of the fridge.

Consumption of power

There is less power consumption observed in the direct cool refrigerators. That is because they do not have any external fans installed. Thus, the entire process of the convection inside the fridge is pretty natural.

The frost-free fridge usually has the external fans combined with the heating system installed inside the fridge. They both work continuously, and for that, they eat a lot of power together.

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Quality of the food inside the fridge

The frost-free refrigerator is best to keep the good fresh for a long time, which is not the case with the direct cool ones. That is also because the frost-free refrigerators are designed in this fashion so that the food is kept fresh for an extended period in comparison to the direct cool refrigerators.

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