As summer approaches, we all scramble to grab the best air coolers or the best AC in India from the market. Are these electronics and gadgets a luxury or a necessity?

Thanks to changing lifestyles, a rise in temperatures over the years, etc. a few electronics and gadgets like refrigerators, Air Conditioners, mobiles, etc. are a need of the hour.  Let us guide you in deciding what to buy.

Window Air Conditioner Vs Split Air Conditioner


When talking about the best air conditioners in India, we come across a wide variety of them – Window AC, Central AC, Portable AC, Through-the-wall AC, Ductless Split AC System, Package Terminal AC, etc. Two foremost deciding factors are – budget and room size. Let us discuss two of them – Split and Window ACs.

You can decide which one to buy keeping these factors in mind


Split ACs were especially designed to increase the enjoyment level and decrease the difficulty in installation. They have only two units i.e., indoor and outdoor, that are connected through a single hole drilled through the walls. The process of installation is easier and requires lesser manpower.

Window Air conditioners are a single portable box which houses all the components –  condenser, coil, compressor, etc.

You need to keep the following in mind before and after you install this type of AC.

  • You need to measure the height and width of the window you plan to install it in. 
  • Check for a three-prong outlet nearby and whether or not you use it for any other purpose. The load of the circuit also needs to be checked. Otherwise, the AC will stop functioning. 
  • The AC doesn’t fit every window type. Most units work only with double –hung windows.
  • You would probably need insulation around the window and rain protection too. After installing the AC, there still might be a gap left between the AC and the window. You will have to cover it using white foam insulation.
  • Harsh sun or rain could damage the air conditioner. Add additional barriers to keep the unit safe.

A major disadvantage is that it’s easier for burglars to gain access into the house.

Noise Levels

Split AC is quieter as compared to a window AC. A window AC makes a lot of noise while it’s cooling the room. While asleep, this can be quite a discomfort.

Cooling efficiency

Split AC cools the room much faster and efficiently. Although they are a bit costlier compared to window AC, but they are more efficient.


Split ACs require expert maintenance as compared to window ACs.

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Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is only available in split ACs. An inverter AC gives you consistent cooling even under extreme weather conditions. The compressor speed differs with the room temperature. This AC type cools the room within minutes. It is less noisy and uses minimum energy and gives effective cooling. The compressor lifespan increases due to less load on the compressor. The compressor of the inverter alters the speed of the motor as per the outside temperature. This is one of the main reasons that you end up saving more money.

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Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE rating

The Government guidelines state that it is mandatory for certain appliances in India to be graded by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It is called the BEE rating.  If you notice, best refrigerators in India also come with ratings, i.e., 5-star, 4-star, etc. The best air conditioners in India have a star sticker placed on the left side top corner of the model that shows the rating and other details about the model.

A 5-star rating is given to the most energy-efficient air conditioner model. Therefore, reducing power consumption too. Only split ACs have the highest rating of 5. Window ACs have only a 2 or a 3-star rating.

Space consumption

A window AC requires more space as compared to a split AC.

Room Size Vs. AC Tonnage

Room size helps decide on the correct ton limit. For example, if the room size is 10 x 10 feet and you choose 1.2-ton AC instead of 1 ton, then your electricity bill soars up. On the contrary, choosing a lesser ton AC won’t give you enough cooling.

Window ACs are available in the range of 0.75 to 2.5 tons. Split ACs are available in the range of 1 to 3 tons.

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There is a wide range of best air coolers and air conditioners in India to choose from. One then begins to wonder- What are the parameters one should keep in mind while choosing the best electronic item? Both ACs are quite similar but different in looks, cost, and design. 

You need to decide which AC in India to buy based on the room size, building rules, your budget, electricity bills, spare parts, maintenance cost, aftersales service, and lifespan of the appliance.

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